D (Vitamin D) – helps skin cell turnover.

Dextran Sulfate – decongesting properties, minimizes swelling

Diacetyl Boldine – from the Chilean Boldo Tree, prevents tyrosinase activation. In Lumiquin from Revision.

Dihydroxyacetone – (DHA) the key ingredient in most self-tanners and spray tans that temporarily stains the skin to tint it darker. It’s a sugar that reacts with amino groups in the stratum corneum to produce the temporary brown color. (see Erythrulose for more info.) Skinceuticals.

Dimethicone – emollient and skin barrier/protectant. The key ingredient in many moisturizers for skin or hair.  Skinceuticals.

DNA Repair – usually refers to a ingredients that are enzymes needed by skin cells to reverse DNA sun damage.  In Neova.

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